Download and install our software for a no obligation trial. Each download contains a complete fully functional copy of the product and will work for 30 days1. When you purchase a license, you receive a permanent authorization code for your system. To purchase a license, see our Price Sheet, License Agreement and Invoice Request.


Verify that your IBM i release2 meets the minimum shown in the Earliest IBM i column3. If it does not, see our Earlier Releases at the bottom of this page.

Select an installation method, either virtual image or executable zip (but not both).

Virtual Image Installation:
Download the .iso.zip file and unzip it. Mount the .iso optical media image on a virtual optical drive and follow the installation instructions in the manual or enhancement summary.
Executable Zip Installation:
Download the .exe self-extracting zip file and run it. Follow the displayed "readme.htm" file's step by step instructions to upload the included save file and install the software on your system.


Product Name LicPgm Release Virtual Image Executable Zip Size Earliest IBM i
Spool-a-Matic 2A55SAM V2R9M0 sam.iso.zip sam.exe 18M 7.3, 7.4, 7.5
SpoolMail 2A55SM1 V3R2M0 sm1.iso.zip sm1.exe 23M 7.3, 7.4, 7.5
Excel-erator 2A55XL1 V2R3M0 xl1.iso.zip xl1.exe 14M 7.3, 7.4, 7.5
Gumbo Mail 2A55SM2 V2R1M0 sm2.iso.zip sm2.exe 7.7M 7.3, 7.4, 7.5
Dicer 2A55DCR V2R2M0 dcr.iso.zip dcr.exe 11M 7.3, 7.4, 7.5
Report Designer 2A55RDA V3R5M0 rda.iso.zip rda.exe 11M 7.3, 7.4, 7.5
Report Manager 2A55RM1 V2R7M0 rm1.iso.zip rm1.exe 22M 7.3, 7.4, 7.5
Dumpster 2A55DMP V2R2M0 dmp.iso.zip dmp.exe 12M 7.3, 7.4, 7.5
  1. Temporary authorization of the product is automatic unless it was previously
    installed on your system. In this case, you will need to contact us for a new
    temporary authorization code.
    If you install the product over a permanently authorized earlier release, a 90-day release upgrade grace period will be granted. Enter your new permanent authorization code.
  2. You can determine your IBM i release (aka. License Term) by running:
  3. Our products are upward compatible with newer IBM i releases, this is the minmum release.


The following documents are included in the download. They are listed here to allow previewing.

Product Name LicPgm Download Includes
Exe Zip Manual PDF Enhancements PDF License Agreement
Spool-a-Matic 2A55SAM readme manual summary license
SpoolMail 2A55SM1 readme manual summary license
Excel-erator 2A55XL1 readme manual summary license
Gumbo Mail 2A55SM2 readme manual summary license
Dicer 2A55DCR readme manual summary license
Report Designer 2A55RDA readme manual summary license
Report Manager 2A55RM1 readme manual summary license
Dumpster 2A55DMP readme manual summary license

Earlier Releases

If your IBM i release is not supported by the current release of our product, you must download and install one of our earlier releases that is compatible. Select the release of our software that is compatible with your IBM i release based on the Earliest IBM i column. The install procedure is the same as above.

Product Name LicPgm Release Virtual Image Executable Zip Size Earliest IBM i Manual PDF  Enhancements PDF
Spool-a-Matic 2A55SAM V2R8M0 sam280.iso.zip sam280.exe 19M 7.2+ manual summary
V2R7M0 sam270.iso.zip sam270.exe 20M 7.1+ manual summary
V2R5M0 sam250.iso.zip sam250.exe 18M 6.1+ manual summary
SpoolMail 2A55SM1 V3R1M0 sm1310.iso.zip sm1310.exe 23M 7.2+ manual summary
V2R9M0 sm1290.iso.zip sm1290.exe 24M 7.1+ manual summary
V2R7M0 sm1270.iso.zip sm1270.exe 21M 6.1+ manual summary
Excel-erator 2A55XL1 V2R2M0 xl1220.iso.zip xl1220.exe 14M 7.2+ manual summary
V2R1M0 xl1210.iso.zip xl1210.exe 16M 7.1+ manual summary
V1R9M0 xl1190.iso.zip xl1190.exe 16M 6.1+ manual summary
Gumbo Mail 2A55SM2 V1R9M0 sm2190.iso.zip sm2190.exe 8M 7.2+ manual summary
V1R8M0 sm2180.iso.zip sm2180.exe 8M 7.1+ manual summary
V1R7M0 sm2170.iso.zip sm2170.exe 8M 6.1+ manual summary
Dicer 2A55DCR V2R1M0 dcr210.iso.zip dcr210.exe 10M 7.2+ manual summary
V1R9M0 dcr190.iso.zip dcr190.exe 12M 7.1+ manual summary
V1R8M0 dcr180.iso.zip dcr180.exe 7M 6.1+ manual summary
Report Designer 2A55RDA V3R4M0 rda340.iso.zip rda340.exe 12M 7.2+ manual summary
V3R3M0 rda330.iso.zip rda330.exe 11M 7.1+ manual summary
V3R2M0 rda320.iso.zip rda320.exe 10M 6.1+ manual summary
Report Manager 2A55RM1 V2R6M0 rm1260.iso.zip rm1260.exe 22M 7.2+ manual summary
V2R5M0 rm1250.iso.zip rm1250.exe 27M 7.1+ manual summary
V2R4M0 rm1240.iso.zip rm1240.exe 19M 6.1+ manual summary
Dumpster 2A55DMP V2R1M0 dmp210.iso.zip dmp210.exe 11M 7.2+ manual summary
V1R9M0 dmp190.iso.zip dmp190.exe 12M 7.1+ manual summary
V1R8M0 dmp180.iso.zip dmp180.exe 6M 6.1+ manual summary
  1. Enhancement summaries for even earlier releases are available at Release History.