This page provides access to our public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates.

CA Certificates

Installing our CA certificate on your system allows you to verify the authenticity of certificates issued by us.

Common Name Certificate Usage
Gumbo Root CA GumboRootCA.crt Issue external product object signing certificates.
Gumbo Root CA 4096 SHA256
GumboRootCA2016.crt Issue external product object signing and SSL certificates.
Gumbo Root CA 2017 EC GumboRootCA2017.crt Issue internal network device and VPN certificates.

Object Signing

We digitally sign all (applicable) objects in our products. Installing our signing certificates on your system allows you to verify our objects using IBM i's Check Object Integrity (CHKOBJITG) command.

Common Name Certificate Expires
Gumbo Product Object Integrity 2012 GumboCertObjSign.crt 2017-08-04
Gumbo Product Object Integrity 2017 GumboCertObjSign2017.crt 2022-08-02
Gumbo Product Object Integrity 2020 GumboCertObjSign2020.crt 2025-07-11