If you already own a license to a Gumbo product, use this page to request a license change. For example, fill out this form to transfer your license to a new system. We will process the change and send you a new permanent authorization code. All changes to licenses are subject to our upgrade policy. Answers for many of the questions we receive regarding license changes can be found on our FAQ page.

License Change

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Software Product License Changes (instructions)
System Wide License Change
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Partition Only License Change
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Your license is subject to the terms of our Software Product License 
Additional Information (instructions)
Required Software Product Removal (instructions)
By pressing submit you are representing that you have or will take the following actions:
  1. If the serial number is changed you will permanently remove the software product from the current serial number, in a timely manner, using the DLTLICPGM command.
  2. For a Partition Only License, If the partition number is changed you will permanently remove the software product from the current partition number, in a timely manner, using the DLTLICPGM command.
I agree to remove the software as required.    


The following are additional detailed instructions for each section of the license change request.

Contact Information (input)
How do we locate your organization's records and contact you? Fill in your organization's information.

Your customer number appears above and to the right of your address on all correspondence from us. This field is not required.

Media Preference Change (input)
On what media should we ship software to you? This change affect all machines in our records and, hence all licenses. If you need more fine grained control, explain your requirements in the additional information section. See Communications for additional details.
Software Product License Changes (input)
Fill in one line for each license you are changing.

Gumbo offers two choices for licensing our IBM i software products, system wide licensing and partition licensing. These are mutually exclusive. A system wide license applies to a specific system serial number and processor group and is good for any and all partitions in the system. A partition license applies to a specific system serial number, partition number, and maximum processor capacity, and is not valid for a system that has not been partitioned. For the overwhelming majority of our customers, a system wide license (~ 98%) is the best choice. A partition license (~ 2%) is the best choice in very limited circumstances involving small partitions on large machines.

Additional Information (input)
Please describe the reason for the change and fill in any additional instructions needed to process your request correctly. Do not include urls.
Required Software Product Removal (input)
The intent here is that you not end up with more permanently authorized copies of the license than you have purchased. If you are changing processor groups on the same serial number and have a system wide license or if you are changing the processor capacity and have a partition only license, then you won't need to delete the software.