Dumpster is a freeware utility that dumps the internals of IBM i spooled files and print resources.


Now you can use the same tool we use to inspect a spooled file's or print resource's internals. The output is not pretty but with it you can gain insight into the inner workings of IBM i spool support. This can be useful for increasing printer through put or determining the exact effect of various DDS keyword combinations.

Dumpster supports most of the IBM i spooled file print data streams:

*SCS SNA Character String.
*IPDS Intelligent Printer Data Stream.
*AFPDS Advanced Function Presentation Data Stream.

Dumpster generates the following formatted dumps:

*ATTRIB The spooled file's complete attributes, equivalent to WRKSPLFA on steroids.
*RSCLST A list of external resources referenced by the spooled file. This is the output of IBM i's QGSLRSC API.
*DTASTR The raw data stream in readable form.
*BUFFER Complete information on the spooled file's buffers. This is the output of IBM i's QSPGETSP API for format SPFR0200.

The product includes work-a-likes for the IBM i Work with Spooled File (WRKSPLF) and Work with Output Queue (WRKOUTQ) commands. The work-a-likes allow you to display a list of spooled files and process them by entering an option number.

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